Introducing GPS Guided Bike Tours

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and bustling city environment by using our GPS Guidepad™ to navigate you and your tour group around the colourful city of Bangkok, without a guide!

We are the only bicycle tour operator in Bangkok that allows you to control the tour and be your own guide! Take the reins and hire one of our bicycles equipped with a GPS Guidepad™ to lead your group around the city using GPS to stay on course and follow the pre-planned route.

The routes are well designed and easy to follow, but they do allow for unique interpretation, if you feel the urge to explore off the beaten track a little. When you reach each of the incredible stops along the route, the Go Guidepad™ gives detailed explanations of the nearby attractions. This fantastic opportunity is for the more adventurous explorers.

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Best Seasons:Best tour for all season
Popular Location:Temple Tour, Bangkok Night Tour, China Town Tour

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